Stonebound is our latest seamless Resin Bound finish designed to meet the demands of the growing domestic market. Stonebound offers a competitively priced system to treat patios, paths, pool surrounds and driveway projects. The product provides a world class finish similar to our large-scale Resin Bound product range that has been used at Kew Gardens, Royal Palaces and numerous other prestigious sites in the UK and overseas.

Installed by our network of nationwide installers or available for D.I.Y. installation, Stonebound is suitable for pedestrian and light vehicular traffic projects.

stonebound 2.jpg
Stonebound UV Resin

Stonebound is available in an exclusive range of ten UV stable, Each blend can be mixed with either a 6.5kg units of Stonebound Resin for footpaths and non wheel turning traffic areas or 7.5Kg units for turning driveways. 

Aggregate blends are all based on a standard 105kg batch which we will be stocked in Uckfield to allow your order to be shipped complete with the Stonebound Resin of your choice allowing your order to arrive together on one delivery or collection, subject to availability.

  • Economically priced

  • SUDS porous

  • Durable

  • Seamless

  • Low maintenance

  • Anti-slip

  • Wheelchair friendly

  • Paths

  • Patios

  • Courtyards

  • Driveways

  • Pool Surrounds

Stonebound UV Aggregate Range

Coastal View ATD.png
Nevada Sand ATD.png
Sussex Gold ATD.png
Silver Wood ATD.png
Coral Burst ATD.png
Honey ATD.png
Redwood Valley ATD.png
Bark Wood ATD.png
Castle Grey ATD.png
Blizzard ATD.png

How much will I need?

Pathways, Patios and non wheel turning traffic:

1 x 6.5kg unit of Resin + 1 unit of Aggregate laid at 15mm depth =     

3.7 m2 to 4 m2

Driveways and turning traffic:

1 x 7.5kg unit of Resin + 1 unit of Aggregate laid at 18mm depth =     

3.1 m2 to 3.3 m2

Pathways, Patios and non wheel turning traffic:

1 pallet x 6.5kg units of Resin + 4 pallets of Aggregate laid at 15mm depth =

133.2 m2 to 144 m2

Driveways and turning traffic:

1 pallet x 7.5kg units of Resin + 4 pallets of Aggregate laid at 18mm depth =

111.6 m2 to 118.8 m2

What else should I know?

When purchasing the Stonebound UV Resin, please remember to purchase the Stonebound UV Catalyst in conjunction as this is a necessity.

We also have our Anti-slip Crushed Glass which can be scattered over our Stonebound to give an anti-slip finish which we highly recommend.

For smaller projects, we provide our handy 21kg Stonebound DIY/Reinstatement Kit in a tin. This will cover 0.6m2 at 18mm depth.

Allow 5-10% extra for uneven surfaces
Please contact the office if you would like help with how much you will need - 01825 761333