Introducing Addagrip STARPATH – our innovative light-emitting resin bound surfacing incorporating the latest photoluminescent technology.


Addagrip STARPATH transforms our resin bound surfacing systems into light responsive, sustainable pathways.

The innovative technology harnesses free UV energy to create illuminated pathways when used with our range of resin bound surfacing systems or scattered in garden areas.

When the UV charged composite granules are used they will produce a glow which will last for up to 10 hours.

Perfect for those projects requiring ambient light without the need for traditional lighting, thus eliminating additional cost and associated maintenance issues.  

Ideal for rural, locations with no other lighting and street light saving schemes.  

Reducing light pollution and creating way-finding walkways. 


Available in a Green or Blue finish.

Starpath Beads

Addagrip Eco Discs

The Addagrip Eco-Disc creates cost-effective, zero-energy path lighting using STARPATH technology to harness UV energy and generate light in a strong composite package. Designed for pathways, cycleways and access roads to provide an intuitive light solution for rural and low light locations. 


Suitable for driveways and providing way-finding to unlit roads. Illuminating surfacing for commercial and business projects - offices, factories, facilities etc and offering light for parks and civic areas. Extending light coverage to all-hours without an electricity supply.  

  • Sustainable

  • Cost effective

  • Creating ambient lighting

  • Suitable for areas with no other lighting

  • Low maintenance

  • Decorative

  • Reducing light polution