Handycoat® products are highly versatile and are used by plasterers and painters for patching hairline cracks, repairing damage to plaster and paint work, filling nail holes in wood work, for making good around door and window architraves and for filling along the top of skirting boards – to name but a few popular usage areas. Handycoat products are easy to sand and are designed to reduce the amount of dust suspended in the air. 

Stonebound is our latest seamless Resin Bound finish designed to meet the demands of the growing domestic market. Stonebound offers a competitively priced system to treat patios, paths, pool surrounds and driveway projects.

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We have tailored our tool selection to the best options to use in conjunction with our products. We've got everything from Forced Action Mixers to trowels and rollers. There is something for everyone's needs!

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