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  • ADVANCED MULTI-FUNCTIONAL FORMULA for tough repairs in interior and exterior areas.
  • SUPER LIGHT WEIGHT makes it easy to carry and transport.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE filler designed for deep one shot repairs.
  • ZERO SHRINKAGE ensures long term crack free performance and durability.
  • EXCELLENT ADHESION allows difficult repairs in multiple areas like gypsum boards, masonry, plaster, wood and more.
  • EXCELLENT CRACK FILLING capability makes it suitable for deep cracks up to 50mm in depth.
  • NO SANDING REQUIRED after application enables quicker job completion.
  • PAINTABLE WHEN DRY makes it perfect for renovations.





Liquid volume

1 Litre


Drying time

Masonry, plaster, brick

30-60 Minutes

Handymate Genius (Pack of 6)

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